The growth in party photo booths at weddings and other private functions continues to rise at a pace, with it becoming the ‘must have’ entertainment addition, the popularity of which can be attributed to the fun factor, suitability for all ages and not least of which the lasting mementos that they naturally provide.

 What are party photo booths?

Similar, in principle, to the high street and supermarket foyer ID Booths, except they’re generally designed for portability and transit, more often with a modern or unique design. Operating very much the same, except being pre-hired they don’t require cash or cards to operate, whilst still offering the same instant print.

Those of us of a certain generation will fondly remember in our teenage years, cramming into the booths with our friends or ‘first love’ at Woolworths, the long slow wait as the ‘wet’ print is created and waving it frantically to dry! Today’s generation perhaps are sadly more familiar with a ‘camera phone’ snap and a retro feel ‘instagram’ instead?

This nostalgia hasn’t gone, indeed the joy of a print is still very much appreciated by even the ‘smart phone’ generation and the eagerness to have a go is evident on the number of school proms now booking them.

 How does all this work for business?

 corporate marketing photo boothAt some point every business has to promote themselves to potential customers, finding interesting ways to achieve this is a never ending task, finding interesting ways to achieve this and have the customers continue to talk about it an even harder, never ending task.

A popular occurrence at present for large brands, is the ‘surprise celebrity’ in a photo booth, users unbeknowingly, enter the branded booth on the promise of a lovely free print, and out pops a secreted celebrity who joins them in the photos. David Beckham, Peter Andre being two recent high profile examples. These companies are cleverly exploiting the benefits, just on a larger scale, not least of which in terms of spend.

It would be fantastic if all business could afford their fees, but this isn’t realistic. The point is you don’t need a celebrity or the budget to hire a celebrity; a photo booth has the potential to influence customers on its own. Corporate photo booth hire is a winning hit customers at all levels.

Consider what they offer: Fun customer engagement, which comes with a ‘free gift’ capable of conveying a targeted message – the print! Used correctly that print output can be a useful & powerful medium for all sorts of promotions, discount codes, direction to social media, repeat business rewards etc etc. The ‘win win’ being the customer loves receiving them and better still you can be fairly confident that customer is going to share their experience with others. The appetite for a print is as popular now as it was from when the whole media of photography was invented.

With perhaps the exception of a few industries, which may require a more sombre approach, there aren’t many who couldn’t benefit from the warmth and affection that photo booths and indeed photos have for almost everyone!

The point being to stop considering photo booths as entertainment, intended for the annual office party or convention.  Consider them more as part of a rounded marketing tool set, which in the right environment can pay measurable dividends.

Today’s booths can do so much more too: Video, green screen, printed gifts, plastic cards. 3D photos and much much more.

Photobooths offer any business promotional marketing – associated with a positive, fun experience!



BoothPix are one of the original hire operators of photo booths in the UK.

BoothPix manufacture and run their own photo booths.


Jon Sharp owner of BoothPix has a background in professional photography, IT and Sales & Marketing from a diverse career in both public & private sector industries.   Available on 01900 825353  / 01228 808397