2 Photo booth templates for the festive season.

Christmas photo booth background 1

Enabling larger picture left, 3 smaller pictures below.


christmas photo booth background 2

Enabling a zig zag passport style with glowing border.

Based on a print size of 2038 x 1380 pixels which is the dimensions for the Citizen CW01 printer in Breeze Systems. Included are the photo shop layer files and the background jpegs. So it would be simple enough to adjust the page size to suite your printer.

Due to the diversity of printer set-ups in photo booths application the image placement data is missing, you will need to add these and make any adjustments.

These files are available on a limited rights use, you may use them for your own events but not resell them in any way as a template. The template copyright remains with BoothPix. You may only use them in return for a link from your website back to BoothPix using the following [ <a href=”https://boothpix.co.uk” target=” _blank”>Photo Booth Hire</a> ] without the square brackets.

Files may be downloaded from here. Christmas Photo Booth Templates