At this time of year, almost everyone’s focus turns to Christmas parties. Sadly too many just fall into the food, drink, DJ and a dance routine. A hangover the next day and it’s all forgotten. It doesn’t have to be like this, there are a variety of fun alternatives just waiting to add that extra sparkle.

So lets spice it up a bit; how? by organising your own or joining a professionally organised themed party, there are loads on offer locally & nationally who can help with both.

So what are the hot themes this year?

It’s no surprise the old favourite is still at number 1, always popular…


#1 Winter Wonderlandwinter wonderland green screen photo


The nights draw in the weather chills, festive carols drift across the airwaves, lights twinkle along High Streets and Christmas pop songs dance around the shops and shopping centres. Simple & traditional!


#2 Glitzy Hollywood


It could just be the excuse for that must have designer dress? All we know is the ladies love this one. A Hollywood glamour night always involves lots of sparkle; nothing is over the top!  Two things are a must if your planning or attending one of these, a Red Carpet on arrival, a photograph of you on a Red Carpet on arrival!


#3 James Bond


A theme that’s gained even more popularity for parties at other times of the year in the last few years since Casino Royal, but seeing interest this time around during the festive period no doubt inspired by the recent Bond release. Black Tie naturally.


christmas card photo

A christmas card style photo

#4 Vintage or Dickensian


Not strictly Dickensian, but vintage themes are gaining popularity, perhaps this is more due to the popularity of classic TV shows, period dramas (Downton Abbey) and game shows (Strictly Come Dancing) that have created a nostalgic yearning?


#5 Best of British


A theme developed on the back of a fantastic summer of sport, celebrating everything British with a festive slant naturally. It’s no surprise then to see the Olympics feature somewhere among the decorations. Believe it or not along with other great stalwarts such as red phone boxes, Shakespeare, Union Flags, a certain blue police box, even The Rolling Stones and much, much more!

One thing in common with all these events is fantastic opportunities for photographs, your there to enjoy yourselves, you’ve gone to a lot of trouble to look fantastic, so why not hire a professional photographer, particularly one offering green screen, capable of digitally adding you to a fantasy scene or a photo booth, again if needed with green screen. All you have to do then is party!


Remember partygoers; a photo is for life and not just for Christmas!