Whether you’re hosting an intimate training session for 20 people or planning your company’s annual 500-person seminar, coordinating a successful corporate event can be and, usually is, a logistical nightmare. From the guest list and the invites to the caterer and keynote speaker, you’re charged with making sure everything runs smoothly while remaining on budget, but where do you begin? It’s possible to plan an amazing corporate event without breaking the bank or risking your future career.

Hire a Professional

It may take a bite out of your initial budget, but in many cases, hiring a professional event coordinator can save you money in the long run. Aside from helping you stay on task and on budget, a knowledgeable, seasoned event coordinator has established relationships with vendors, speakers and venues, meaning she could pull a few strings to save you money. During your initial meeting with the event planner, make your budget and expectations clear. Hammer out some necessary details right away, including the venue, number of attendees and the event’s overall goal.

Consider a Realistic Venue

When it comes to the venue, there are two key points that should be kept in mind: the number of attendees and the event’s nature. For instance, feel free to hold a small training session or a low-key seminar at your offices. If the event is more laidback, the banquet hall of a local restaurant or pub is a great option. For a more formal or larger corporate event, a hotel’s meeting space or even an event or conference center might be warranted. Whatever the case, visit the venue and ask about the accommodations before making any final decisions.

Whenever Possible, Live by the “I’ll Scratch Your Back” Philosophy

When it comes to saving money on the specifics, including the speaker, venue, caterer or invitations, don’t overlook the power of bartering or the use of clever negotiating tactics. For instance, a PR firm could offer to represent a famous restaurant in exchange for catering. Offer to recommend a keynote speaker or agree to hire him for multiple conferences, if he agrees to lower his price. Send mass email invites instead of costly, traditional paper invitations. There are many ways to save money on your corporate gathering, which will secure your status as the “go-to” employee for future events.

Hire a Limousine Service

You have colleagues, business associates and potential investors flying in from across the globe. Each one must reach the event and their hotel comfortably. For example, if you are in London, you could try your luck with saloon minicabs. You could also enlist the service of a coach hire London to make certain that your work colleagues arrive in style and comfort.

Planning an outstanding corporate event doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. When in doubt, hire a little help, keep it simple and in the end, don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself, while your work colleagues rave about the transportation, the venue and the food.

About the Author:

Samantha Baker is a guest blogger and corporate event planner who lives in London. She has found that when she’s in need of limo hire, London’s Go-EasyLimo.co.uk offers a variety of services to make her corporate events a great success.