West Cumbrian party photo booth company, BoothPix, helps two lovely young ladies from Boston, Massachusetts with a photo booth for their Sweet 16th birthday celebration, back in the home of Photo Booth Rentals – the USA.

Greysouthen, UK As one of the leading UK photo booth operators, BoothPix regularly receives enquiries from all over the UK. In April we received an email from a lovely young lady, Nevina Saitta enquiring about hiring our booth for her “Sweet 16th”. The event was to take place in the local ‘Coast Guard Station’ and knowing Boston, Lincolnshire is not that close to the sea, and clearly doesn’t have such a station, it was evident that this was clearly it’s namesake in the States.

“It would have been so easy to write a ‘Sorry we can’t help’ response and leave it at that”, explained Jon Sharp, owner of BoothPix, “but that’s not the way we do business here in the UK, we work with a network of independent operators and constantly refer enquirers from other areas, so why should a few extra miles change this?” The difference  though, is America is really the home of Party Photo Booths, after all the ‘craze’ started there.

So following an email chat with Nevina and a couple of questions, it transpired this was a joint “Sweet 16th” with her friend Julianna and that she’d welcome BoothPix assistance in finding someone a bit nearer! “Only a few days before I’d been helping an industry colleague out in the States”, said Jon “who, being new to the industry, had a technical problem related to her booth set up, having earned our stripes so to speak, we were via the ‘LinkedIn’ social media network, able to help with this problem and subsequently Nevina’s enquiry”.

boothpix boston birthday girl in photo booth

The birthday girls with their friends in the photo booth.

That industry colleague was Susan Fellows from ‘Behind the Curtain’ photo booth company, who just happened to be based in Boston and so with a couple of emails, Nevina & Julianna were sorted with their party photo booth.

Following the event, Susan said “Saturday night was actually a really fun gig. It was a double Sweet 16 party for the two girls. They had over 200 guests. The people attending were so excited about the booth, they began lining up to go in 20 minutes before we were slated to begin, so we started early!”

“I was really pleased” said Jon, “we’re very lucky to work in an industry that puts smiles on faces, albeit childish smiles no matter what age you are, it’s especially nice to know that the internet and email has shrunk the world so you can help achieve this, even in a completely different country a few thousand miles away!”
Susan has since relocated her business to a warmer part of the United States, North Carolina and is now developing clients in that area.


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Photo booths are rapidly becoming the must have party entertainment in the UK as much as they are in America. In comparison to their use in America, where traditionally they’ve been regarded more as entertainment, photo booth usage in the UK has been extensively for the ID photo market and the odd teenager!
With the advance of digital technology and the mobility of booths, the party booth hire market is growing rapidly after storming across the States since 2007.


About BoothPix. UK

BoothPix is one of the original photo booth companies in the UK, having offered the service across the UK since 2009. During this time they have been contracted to work for many high profile local and national companies (i.e. Eddie Stobart, Sky) and at nemorous prestigious locations from Blenheim Palace to Aviemore.

About Behind the Curtain, Boston

Susan Fellows is the owner of Behind the Curtain Photo Booth, formerly of Boston now in North Carolina, ## 603-315-0392

Jon Sharp
BoothPix Photo Booth

+44 01228 808397

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