Hiring a photo booth tip #6

Constant Light versus Studio Flashphot obooth hire tip #6

One thing that distinguishes a photo booth from a video booth is the flash, you all know when you get in a booth and the flash appears the photos been taken. If it’s for your passport it allows a slight pause of relief from holding the pose, at least till the next shot!

Party booths are no different, the flash itself is the indicator to change position or pose and ready for the next.

From a technical perspective however they do an awful lot more than that. Used correctly and with the right equipment they should provide a clear balanced colour light source, but perhaps more importantly they freeze any movement.

No one wants blurred images from a photo booth, being artistic and creative is one thing but leave the blurred shots for the camera phone or the disposable cameras on tables.

A professional photo booth WILL have a professional ‘STUDIO’ quality flash system fitted inside, not the on camera flash, not a added on camera flash *papparazi or *wedding photographer style. (*These guys are using a light weight flash system designed for maximum portability), the booths once built stay in place so the operator should fit the best light source available – a professional studio head.

As we discussed in the previous tip about ‘webcam’ vs digital camera, one of the disadvantages of ‘webcam’ is the inability to work with flash. They need a constant light and quite a bit to remain sharp. It also has to be correctly colour balanced to give natural skin tones.

True these are fun snaps, but why shouldn’t they be the best quality fun snaps you’ve ever had taken.  A modern digital camera, connected to a correctly set up professional studio flash system will give outstanding results. That is always assuming the booth operator knows how to set it up correctly- but that is another story.

Needless to say you can be confident that BoothPix booths use studio flash systems and our professional photographic experience means we know how to set them up.


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