To Launch a new Company or Product involves a lot of PR.

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Usually at some point includes some kind of launch event or party, whereupon industry & community dignitaries, national & local press and other guests and customers are invited to attend.

These are normally great fun events designed to show off the company and it’s products in a positive atmosphere – makes sense. During this time many of the attendants will leave with some kind of  ‘goodie bag’ containing samples of some description and other delightful gifts.

Ultimately the whole point of the exercise is to have the guests and press talk about the event and the company/product.  Which is fantastic and what everyone does.

BUT what if there was something else you could do that would get people talking more and possibly add some viral marketing too?

A BoothPix Photo Booth!

What? How?

First of all lets look again at the typical launch party, irrespective of budget, chances are there is a photographer, taking photos of the presentation speeches or indeed the guests as they arrive on the ‘red carpet’ or at their table inside or perhaps participating in other entertainment laid on maybe even a videographer too. These will all be brilliant for a few PR articles or the company newsletter & website. It may even generate a few comments on social media.

So how is a photo booth different?

Like other forms of entertainment, the booth draws attention and a focus, it differs very little in this respect, the key benefit is the ‘print’ they deliver!

Despite the abundance of camera phones and other digital cameras, that ‘silly little print’ is still a treasure! Chances are the first thing they are going to do is show it to someone, right there, that instant, they are going to walk around the room comparing and showing off their printed photos, probably containing images of them in a ridiculous pose or costume looking very silly. Is this going to stop when they leave?  Oh No! they are going to show it to their family, their friends, their colleagues in the office and anyone else along the way!

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Better still the print then takes pride of place on the fridge, on the family notice board, on their office cubicle wall and other similar prominent places. It draws attention and conversation far more than a calendar, mug or desk jotter ever will!  Your message, your logo, your product, whatever your promoting is being shown off in a fun positive way. Almost without exception, everyone will have a go, from the most senior manager to the new temp.

In our business, we do a lot of weddings, photo booths at weddings are phenomenal and everyone want to see the photos and download them to share afterwards. Some of our B&G’s even allow or are keen for us to have the photos available on facebook. The average reach on any gallery (facebook stats on virality from our page) is around 5-9%, so outside those that were there in attendance at the wedding a further 5%-9% of their friends looked at those pictures. In contrast to a recent company launch which achieved over 93%. Friends of friends, colleagues of colleagues were looking at, liking or commenting on the images.  What makes the difference, beyond looking at the bride, for most people who aren’t involved or know the happy couple, they aren’t interested. It’s a coffee  conversation at best. It is a very private personnel event in many cases after all.

Blonde Marketing & Events, Company Launch

For some reason the opposite is true with business? I’m sure there are psychologists who could explain why, but making a fool of yourself posing in costume or other fashion and having the evidence (photos), to show off, for some reason in a business environment or business related activity,  seems to something they like to share. It’s even better at an event where there is less expectations to conform  – in contrast to say a professional conference, (we could tell a few stories!).

So imagine if each of those photos had a marketing message of some description, the potential is huge. With BoothPix this message could be twofold, firstly the printed logo, message as part of the overall layout design. In this illustration ‘A night with the Blondes” but also within the ‘props’ we can include themed signs, designed again for fun or impact, how cheesy up to you! All intended to add fun and deliver or enhance branding.

It’s all about the Positive Message.  Photo booths, or at least the photos they generate provide this. So if your planning a launch of any description,  get in touch with BoothPix and to discuss how we can help.

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