Hiring a photo booth tip #4

Check to ensure the photo booth is PAT tested and the operator has appropriate insurance!

This one probably speaks for itself so not really a great deal we can add to the headline. photo booth hire tip #4

What is PAT testing, it’s basically a ‘basic’ safety compliance for the equipment. A bit like an MOT on a car, it shows that at some point in the passed 12 months the equipment has been tested to meet a minimum standard. Bearing in mind the equipment within the booth is plugged into a mains socket!

Whilst the test provides an annual certification any reputable operator will be quickly visually inspecting any cable they use watching for any obvious wear & tear or damage.

Insurance the important one is ‘Public Liability’ – this is the cover the operator has in case of any accidents involving injury to users as a consequence of using the equipment appropriately.  Put simply if you or any of your guests, using the booth properly, or anyone else where the booth is set-up, have an accident that causes some injury you can claim for, this cover is aimed at ensuring you get any compensation awarded.   Generally the value of the cover is up to £2 million most will have around £5 million.

Why is it important to have this? It separates the professionals from the ‘fly by nights’! This is one way to ascertain how professional the company your booking is.

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