Cumbria and the Lake District Photo Booth Hire

BoothPix are one of the UK’s original Photo Booth Hire companies, with offices in right here in West Cumbria.

There probably isn’t a more picturesque county in the whole of the UK, in or biased opinion. It’s probably why so many people flock to the Lake District for allsorts of recreational reasons. As well as a superb backdrop for a wedding. It’s just a shame we can’t organise the weather!

Perhaps along with this vast visitor resource is the fantastic variety and quantity of  venues within which to eat, sleep and be merry, from small B&B’s and self catering cottages through to some truly fantastic hotels and leisure complexes. Visitors really are spoiled for choice.

We are lucky to be part of this wonderful area and though our work takes us all over the country, our heart and home is definitely Cumbrian. “A reet marra” as some of the locals would say.

So BoothPix the Photo Booth Hire company is based in Cumbria, but did you know we are the only full time professional photo booth operator in the County, we are also one of the founders of photo booth hire in the UK, despite many claiming to being original and having a professional photographic background ensures we have the skills and knowledge to operate the booth hire cumbria

So whether your a fellow Cumbrian, born or relocated, or someone visiting the county especially to celebrate something special such as a Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Christening or for a Corporate event and you want something that little bit extra special for your guests, give us a call about our Photo Booth and let the memories never end.

For those perhaps less familiar with the concept, the booths are very much like those found in supermarket foyers or railway stations around the country. They offer the same instant print, these day thankfully chemical free, and pretty much use the same technology. The major difference really is the portability, we design our booths to be as portable as we can, as we never know what to expect at each venue. We’ve also considered accessibility and do our best to make sure the are open to wheelchair users and others who are less mobile.

There is stacks more information throughout our website and lots of videos on our Youtube channel, several of which are from event within the Lake District others further afield.

The emphasis though is very much on fun! We don’t do serious and if we did we’d be in another business!

We also offer other photographic services related to events in our capacity as ‘professional photographers’, one of the coolest has to be Green Screen Photography, also referred to as Chroma Key or Blue Screen (ours is just “Green”), whereupon we can insert you and your friends in to fantasy, fun or formal backgrounds. BTW the booths do green screen too! This really can take your event (and guests) literally to another dimension.  Guess what there’s a video on that too on our YT channel. (Go on take a peek)!  Follow the link to the wedding video and browse our other vids whilst your there.

Cumbria Wedding Photo Booth Hire Video


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