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Pop-Up Smartphone Photo Booth

Its here!

Our new Smartphone Styled Photo Booth is now here and causing a bit of stir in the industry, designed for the ultimate ‘selphie’!

Based on a design style popular in the US, often referred to as ‘lollipop booths’ for obvious reasons, we’ve added smartphone styling to give it a unique look which we think makes it stand out. As you would expect, it even accommodates a printer!

Sticking to our philosophy of simplicity, the ┬áleg folds out from the base, onto which the ‘smartphone’ is attached and the printer support. Making set up a breeze and minimising the number of separate parts. A transit case is under design too.

Operationally, the Smartphone Photo Booth, works just like any other, a tablet inside the kiosk, runs the software, connected to a DSLR or similar camera and a studio flash for ultimate quality.

Image left shows mk1 version, being badged under the brand name Pop-Up-Pix.

smartphone style white


On researching several new photo booth designs, we asked other users what features if any would they like to include. We listened and took this on board.

  • Included are LED lights for modelling live view.smartphone-photo-booth-inside
  • Studio Flash for improved photo quality with DSLR camera (webcam option available).
  • RGB LED for a splash of colour with remote control.
  • Power inlet – standard PC IEC (kettle) Lead, connected to the base of the leg column.
  • Twin USB sockets fitted to leg column, meaning external accessories such as printers, projectors or just thumb drives connect outside the box.
  • Powered USB hub.
  • Printer shelf, suitable for DNP DS40 or similar sized printer.
  • Quick insert camera mount.
  • Ball & Socket Head (easily accessed) to adjust camera angle if needed.
  • Height adjustable leg column to suit any party and configuration.

Whilst we ensure our standard enclosed booths also offer complete flexibility, the time taken to manhandle and construct them onsite can be off putting to some. The key benefit of the small foot print style, is the ease and options in set up. From a small corner in a store to the centre piece of a room, open with the space or room as the backdrop, facing a wall or feature, one of our portable backdrop studio stands or indeed inside it’s own inflatable enclosure (we can supply them too). Add to that height adjustable leg column and you’re set for any event!

So call or contact us today to find out more about the new Smartphone Photo Booth and the extras available with it. or 01228 808397