When it comes to hiring a photo booth size really does matter, not just for the space you may require at the venue to position it.

There are different types of booth available

Small retro passport booths, you know the ones with the swivelling chair, that if your lucky your can squeeze 3 smallish people into. Forget it if you’ve chosen a wedding gown with a large skirt, your pretty much on your own. Sure if you like the classic looks they are brilliant to look at, but are you hiring a piece of art or are you hiring entertainment for you and your guest?

Larger party photo booths like ours, designed, not converted mind, from conception to provide entertainment at parties. With a larger booth area surrounded by curtain sides to let those extra few ‘peep’ in at the edges. Why have we done this, because we researched weddings & parties not photo booths. Our research clearly showed that the majority of people get far more fun from them when their friends are with them.

So if you want to party, at your party, and do it with friends – hire a booth that’s big enough… hire a BoothPix Party Photo Booth!