One of the great things about our photo booth is the memories it captures!

Last weekend for example we were down in Barrow-in-Furness with one of our booths at the Red River Club, for the joint birthday celebration of Michael and Stephen, brothers enjoying a youthful 40th celebration.

It was quite clear during the event, that many of the attendees were family who hadn’t seen each other in a long time or been in a position to have some photos taken. Indeed one group, mum and two sisters had great fun re-creating an image they took in a photo booth on a railway station some xx yrs previous.  Others were family members who’d clearly travelled long distance to be there, and judging by the accents had not been around Cumbria for an awful long time.

We’ve been inundated since for requests for copies of the photos, many were so impressed, not just with the candid appearance but due to the quality of the photos created in our system, they want enlargements. The photos are priceless treasures, not just because of the occasion but many contain generations of families.  Phone snaps are fine, and clearly cameras on phones are getting better and better but the professional lighting we use adds a whole new dimension to the pictures.

So if you’re organising a special celebration that is likely to be attended by family who haven’t seen each other for years, or likely to again for many more, our photo booth is not only a great additional fun entertainment  element, but a magical way to capture some amazing family treasures. So get in touch today to discuss further.

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