A short webinar aimed at other users of Darkroom Booth

This webinar covers How we use Darkroom Booth at events, using a structured template and event system to simplify it’s useage and make managing client events simple.

It consists of our tips and practical set up solution of Darkroom Booth for before, during and after an event.

Aimed at newer users or those who are using darkroom booth ‘out of the box’, especially those using the same event over and over and just changing the template. We’ll be giving some tips on how we have set up DRB to streamline our workflow, simplifying pre-event prep & set-up at an event and post event processing.

By showing you how adding structure to the darkroom in preparing your configuration ready for events, we aim to help you improve your user experience and find a better way to manage the event process within the application, so that you and your staff find it easier to use the software and your client events.

The video from the webinar can now be viewed on our Youtube channel.