We often get asked about or to quote for an event where the person making the enquiry has never seen a booth at an event but has been told about them.  It can be sometime difficult to explain the fun and chaos that occurs, and even in doing so not portray fully the good time the guests have and just how much they really are enjoyed

Over a period of time we’ve posted compilation made from the events themselves which can be seen on our BoothPix youtube channel and some on the video page of our site.


So what is a photo booth experience?

Added to this now though, space and time permitting we intend to add timelapse videos of our different booths and event photography in operation. So far we’ve added one of our standard booth and a green screen studio at a charity ball. We will continue to add more of these and the new booths over the coming months to get a feel for the whole event, hopefully along side the compilations videos of the photos taken too.