Weddings in Cumbria

Since the relaxing of formalities for wedding venues, more and more ‘Approved Premises’ are appearing across the UK. It’s no surprise to find one of the most popular destinations in the country is right here in Cumbria.


I am talking about the Lake District.



Long since regarded the get away of back packers, ramblers and other outdoor enthusiasts, in more recent years it’s also begun to define itself as a destination of choice, for discerning couples, looking for a UK based ceremony within which their friends and relatives can join in, whilst still providing some of the glamour associated with weddings abroad via the scenery which abounds.


Indeed many of the rural parish churches are open to the union of outsiders and willing to overlook your general absence from their usual congregation. Added to this a wealth of hotels and other venues, which appears to be growing, including the more traditional registry offices. There is a depth of choice few areas can truly compete with. From truly urban in the larger towns to completely rural in some of the remoter hotels, there is a venue for all. Historical castles, glamorous golf courses, traditional or modern hotels, and racecourses even some café’s now, are all to be found. Indeed there is even a tradition now for a brief ceremony at an approved location followed by a reception party at a secluded farmhouse.

Add to this the wealth of resources from suppliers covering everything from balloons to table decoration, crepe’s to hog roasts, planners to entertainers, everything is available locally to make your big day something truly special.

It may then be no surprise that it’s all year round too, sure, as with the majority of the country, there is a significant increase in activity during the summer months, there is always shelter or a cosy warm log fire somewhere and if you do get it right and pick the perfect winter weekend weather wise, there aren’t sufficient superlatives to describe it!

And it may be true that we do on occasions have some awkward weather, but except under absolute extremes, even this cannot disguise the majestic beauty of the area and the breath taking landscapes and vistas that are all around. Add to this, an area wrapped in hospitality and receptive warmth to visitors, it’s not hard to see why this is so. Even in winter, moments of serenity and magnificence are frequent and unsurpassable elsewhere.

Living here, it’s no surprise that I’d be biased in favour of the area, but seriously, it’s worth more than a second look for anyone considering an alternative location in which to host their wedding.

Oh and one last thing never to be over looked here – sheep!