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Interesting Reading

Interesting reading!

I came across some interesting facts whilst researching wedding plans recently and the common theme across a number of websites was the change of priorities for brides after the wedding, should they to have to organise the whole thing again. Wedding Entertainment was the biggest change.

I’m not suggesting for one moment that lots of resources shouldn’t be placed on other aspects, or despite  our own experience and the comments we here about our photo booth that it should be the first thing they book. On the contrary, I have in fact taken that phone call on more than one occasion and had to advise against any rash decisions.

Whilst many are perfectly happy with the albums and photos, it’s not unusual however, to hear regrets on forums and social media in relation to photographic coverage,  where the couples memories were ruined by having engaged an inadequate, low budget photographer based on the “How hard can it be to press a button all day?” premise. When in fact the  the photos & videos are the one long term asset you keep. This includes the images our photo booth creates too mind. in fact we regularly hear how couples much prefer regularly browsing the album we leave behind, because of the smiles an laughs it gives them.

So I was a little taken back on reading the stat’s, that they pretty much backed up, what many in the industry already know, but somehow few acknowledge; that for most the only memory of any wedding is the entertainment at the reception and that for the happy couple the only tangible asset are the professional photos & videos. I appreciate throughout the related industry, every vendor from the venue to the florist, to the caterer to the decor supplier etc. has their own vested interest in why their particular product should have more priority or significance than another. Often playing on the emotion of the bride, who since childhood perhaps has dreamt of the fairytale wedding and the real importance of the occasion itself, the ceremony.  So much press, ‘online’ and ‘offline’,  is given over to appearance and selling the ‘dream’ that reality is often overlooked.

We’re slowly seeing a change ourselves. The emphasis is slowly moving towards the wedding reception and less on the ceremony. With a notable increase in themed weddings for one thing, and love them or hate them they are becoming more and more popular and are genuinely truly great fun too, as indeed are weddings abroad, followed by the must have celebration party on return, where more often the emphasis is most definitely on the entertainment. Are these the vanguard for a complete change in itinerary? We’d like to think so not for our own selfish reasons, but for the happy couple themselves who deserve real memories and their family & friends invited as guests.

The point being, perhaps the whole industry needs to re-think it’s focus and minimise any post event remorse and steer brides towards where the true priorities should be.  The Celebration of the whole Occasion and not a few trinkets that are here today and gone tomorrow.

We can certainly see the change, it’s true that photo booths are becoming more and more popular, and the reason is simple in one package they provide everything, endless entertainment and a lifetimes memories!  In fact I predicted several years ago, when we started in this industry, that there will come at time when having a photo booth will be as much a must have as a DJ. We’re not far from that now.

So far from revolutionary  – photo booths are the new norm!