wedding planning survey video

Wedding Planning Survey

Very soon we’re going to be starting a new weekly series on weddings mostly about planning, so what better way to start it than having a “Wedding Planning Survey”? These posts or features will mostly be video based, involving a lot of interviews on Google+ with a variety of wedding experts.

I’m sure as we identify them other ideas will also develop and be added.

In the meantime, here is the first instalment, we thought we go for a quick video, a Wedding Planning Survey video, both for fun but also from genuine interest.   Below are the notes and questions related to the video, 5 questions on planning your wedding.

Please do take the time to respond. As mentioned in the video we’d be even more delighted to have you reply with a webcam response and tell us all abut your plans and dreams. Wherever your getting married.


This Video

Thank you for watching this short video on your wedding plans.

It is intended to be interactive so please leave a comment in the comment box below as as mentioned why not leave a video reply.

Please remember to tell us which part of the world your from in your response.

Here are the questions:

1 – When setting the date what influenced your decision?
i.e. a specific season for a chance of better weather. It would be nice to know what time of year you went for too!

2 – What do you think/feel about themed weddings which are gaining popularity?

3 – What have you found to be the best sources for information to help with your planning?

4 – After setting a date and venue, what have you then prioritised and in what order?

5 – What has been the deciding factor in decisions?, impulse, cost doesn’t matter we want it, lowest price please…?

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

We will release other videos in the future, both in response to this, more questionnaires and advice and tips on wedding plans along with interviews from some great suppliers. So please remember to subscribe.