A small word of caution to anyone hiring our booth at their wedding. It has been brought to our attention that some photographers have contracts, aimed at preventing others from selling photos taken at the wedding and thereby reducing their own potential income. With the best intentions these clauses were originally added to prevent family & friends with high quality digital cameras, snapping away in the background.

Sadly, some photographers are also including within this photo booths.

Our advice is simple, check the contract, if there is such a clause qualify with your photographer that you will only accept this to include formal images up until an agreed finish time. i.e. First Dance. If the photographer insists the clause applies even after they have left and gone home INSIST they, at their expense, sub contract the evening photography  to either another photographer or a photo booth company.

We can provide both the photo booth and the evening wedding photography via our parent company Sharp Images UK www.sharpimagesuk.com