Weddings are notoriously expensive and complicated to organise, there is so much pressure to get it right and lets face it everything’s new, unless you’re a professional wedding planner, you do this only once!

Make a list – it sounds obvious. Think about what you want, what you can organise and what you need professionals for. Prioritise and research.

No doubt you have friends who are to be or have recently been married – ask them for advice who have they found, why did they choose them.

Assess each provider carefully, yes more research. As you checkout vendors, don’t be tempted by lower prices; it’s a balance between price and quality. Ask yourself is there a reason why X is so much cheaper than Y – there usually is. Especially with photographers, pick out a few you like, ask to see their portfolio, meet and chat with them. Make sure there is a synergy in your personality and expatiations. Don’t be afraid to ask for recent clients for references.

Setting a budget can be the hardest ad its probably going to cost a lot more than you initially thought. Set your budget and factor in some contingency.

Many sites will tell you to organise venue, flowers, cake etc first. We say photographer! Why? Of all the aspects and expenses of your big day the only lasting long term tangible asset to maintain those memories is the photographs of the day.

Don’t be fooled by the slick salesman – its your day, choose the vendors you want. Say No and walk away from those you don’t feel comfortable with.

Ask for everything in writing

Check out their terms of business.

Keep everything in one place, create a new email just for the wedding, where you can direct all suppliers to respond. It’ll keep your personal or business email free from spam.

If you go to Wedding Fayres, take a levelheaded friend or family member, someone who’ll keep you on the ground as you see all the wonderful options.

On the day, remember to allow for time for deliveries before & during such as flowers or vendors, who need to set up at your venue, ensure any facilities they require are available. Don’t forget to let the venue know if you’ve hired anything over and above the expected DJ & Photographer.

Following these few steps should help you enjoy one of the most special days of your life.