Hiring a photo booth tip #2.

Tip#2 on hiring a photo booth

Check the photo booth is staffed for the duration of your hire!

A few unscrupulous hirers have been known to take bookings, knowing they have equipment but no staff, rather than act professionally and not take the booking; they deliver the booth and abandon it.

Whilst the operation of a photo booth is often simple enough, at least once the users get used to it, there are a number of things that could go wrong, it’s got a computer in it for starters!  When this does happen, the last thing you need is to find out there’s no one to help or fix it. Plus as we’ve seen so many times ourselves, even the simplest button push can perplex guests, who are their to enjoy themselves and not concentrate on which button to push or what to do. Far better and more fun with a little guidance!

The other great benefit of this is help with poses, not every guest is comfortable even in the booth and a few ideas and assistance from an experienced operator can make all the difference.

More importantly is the guest book, it’s difficult to stress just how priceless this item becomes once completed. So often on speaking to couples, months after an event, the one thing they always mention is how often they look at this in preference to the photographers album and how much it still makes them smile & laugh. Imagine the tragedy if during it’s compilation drink and food were spilled all over it?

The same could be said for props, there could be nothing worse than a soggy wig or boa. Having staff there enables these processes to be managed and controlled, so your guests enjoy the fun and occasion and you get the best keepsake available.

One final thought, as is our policy, managing the booth, helping guests, organising the props, watching and encouraging guests to comment in the guest book, it’s an awful lot for one person – far better to find a professional booth company who always provide a minimum of 2 staff to each booth.

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