So far it’s been a fantastic Autumn, I hope by making this exclamation I’m not ruining it, but it has.

We’ve had some great weather and from our perspective, though we live on the edge of the beautiful Lake District, it is always nice to see other parts of the country. It’s especially nice to see those parts in the low light of Autumn with the fantastic warm seasonal colours, which honestly make even average views stunning!

Added to that we’ve been extremely fortunate to have been booked in different parts of the country, further diversifying these views. I’ve personally spent a lot of time in Scotland over the years, Kirkudbright was a second home for many, many years. As I grew older and the Isles and Highlands were regular stomping grounds, Islay, Arran, Skye were all regularly visited and many a tale I could tell.

But the other day we attended an area I’d not previously visited or at least stopped at, I recall my Gran mentioning numerous coach trips and visits to the gift shops and felt as if I knew the place well though I had never been!

Where is this place – Pitlochry at the foot of the Grampians.

The previous evening we’d been to Aberdeen and had some time to kill on the way to our next booking, so I set the Sat Nav onto ‘back road’ mode and off we went but still had plenty of time for a good walk around the town and tea at Mckay’s Bar, which I also highly recommend.

Blair Castle exterior

Blair Castle


From there it was a short distance to the venue for the evening Blair Castle. The castle itself has gone through many facelifts and changes since medieval time but today in my opinion looks more like a French Chateau or something from a Disney movie, however you view it is quite simply stunning.


Inside was equally as magical, the recent addition of the Banvie Hall with it’s blue neon glow adds a touch of glamour to the occasion, that is in complete contrast to the adjacent historical Ballroom which can only be described as WOW!

Blair Castle Ballroom

Blair Castle Ballroom

It’s a real shame we don’t have this luxury of time at most of our events and the places we visit!

Shame the mobile phone snaps doesn’t do them justice.  Click on the images to enlarge.




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