This is quite a fun comment for us. We see this more and more each day and words fail us!

There are a number of companies who sell photo booths and set up their clients with some sales information, which you would rightly expect under the circumstances. A bit of assistance to help get your business going!

There are also a few, who’ve jumped on the band wagon and not completely understand what they are doing or the correct vocabulary that goes with it. More often this won’t be noticed until perhaps something goes wrong and they don’t have a clue why.

One of the easiest ways to spot this at the time of booking is easy Look for the text that says “Unlimited Prints” and then somewhere nearby “Additional set of prints… £XXX” or words to that effect. It may even be on the quote.

Clearly they mean two different things our advice – if you do decide to book one of these, they often at first glance appear a lot cheaper, DEMAND at least a 100 copies of each photo when they set up, if they refuse refer them to the ‘Unlimited Prints’ on their website, contract or advert.

Hiring a professional photo booth may cost a few pounds more but you get one thing Professionalism!

How do you know? – Are there obvious mistakes like this on their website, dire spelling “mistooks” are another give away.  One of the biggest is their business address, if they don’t list an address – don’t touch them, by law as they are selling via their website they must list their address. Finally, at the time of quote how do they come across, is it professional in appearance?


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