What a difference in attitude.

We live in a tiny market town on the edge of the Lake District, with a significant reliance on tourism for many local businesses. We have, like most residents regular need to visit the town centre for business of personal reasons. Whenever we do so, parking is the number one issue.

Why? Mostly due to the oppressive attitude of the parking wardens who have been known to run from one end of a street to another to issue a ticket. Bearing in mind the number of tourists who visit the town and don’t understand our disc parking system.

In contrast, last night we visited Glasgow, the van was double parked with it’s back end hanging out into traffic, clearly an obstruction whilst we unloaded and built our photo booth.  Right in the heart of the city and on a very, very busy thoroughfare. At no point were we hassled by anyone to move.

However, all the time we were away from the van trying to get organised to start the event, all I could think about was the way I’d left and what might happen. It occurred to me my fear wasn’t based on the potential to get a ticket where I was, rather a fear instilled by the attitude of the local parking enforcement, under direction of the local council in their harassing and vindictive parking policies.

Rant over – back to fun!