Photo Booth Hire in Newcastle

The North East has always been great fun for us.image from our photo booth at the Assembly Rooms, Newcastle

Since we started our photo booth hire business, BoothPix, a few years ago, yes we were one of the first in the UK, we’ve spent more time on the East Coast than we have in our local native West Coast, Cumbria. To some extent that isn’t surprising there are after-all a lot more people residing there, but part of this stems from the more cosmopolitan  demographics than we have in our much more rural environment.

It’s something we noticed straight away, it’s not unusual for the South of the country, particular the larger cities and commuter towns around the South East, for them to pick up on new ideas and embrace them, when photo booths started to take off in the UK, we found the North East as keen and eager to hire them as the South East. Indeed, the interest in enquiries during those early pioneer days was very similar in numbers.

Only very recently one of the Citys more infamous daughters, Cheryl Cole, with her other partners in crime, the band members of Girls Aloud,  couldn’t resist the allure of a photo booth, pausing to be snapped in one on an outing recently. It’s always more fun in a crowd – the more you can squeeze in the funnier they get.

For a long time we got used to being the novelty item, arriving at venues to set up to be greeted with curiosity and bewilderment and then gasps of amazement as during set we demonstrated the booths, to staff. Magical moments.  These days, as with most places booths have become more common place, an no fortunately not all photo booths are the same, there are good ones and bad ones, large ones and small ones, sit down ones and stand up ones, proper ones and faux ones – I could go on!

Another thing that has really helped with this, around the region is there are some fantastic venues, this makes a big difference, both inside the City and very close by, Dissington Hall is a popular favourite of ours as is the Assembly Rooms . We’ve covered weddings, corporate and school proms at this venue.  Jesmond Dene House is one we’d also have to include on our list, this short video is a compilation from one event there, but these are just a mere hint at the great places to hold events around the town and area. There are many, many more.

image from our photo booth at dissington hallAre you planning a celebration, perhaps your engaged and about to be married, celebrating an anniversary, maybe its a special birthday, a communion or ‘mitzvah,  what about your local school prom or college graduation? All these and more are great events in which to have a photo booth. Not only do they provide harmless, daft entertainment but the prints themselves bring joy and memories for years to come. Priceless memories!


One thing you’ll want to do, is hire a professional, an experienced professional that’s us: BoothPix Photo Booth Hire, follow the link to our Newcastle hire page and get a quote today.