christmas photo booth theme

Christmas Corners

The party season is almost upon us, in fact one or two have already started!

We aim to be as creative as we can with all our print styles and want all our events to have unique layouts as much as possible.

So we’ve come up with a couple of design ideas based on our standard ‘corners’ style and our standard ‘zigzag’ style as a suggestion.  A bit like the ‘serving suggestion’ on the outside of ready

christmas party photo booth print template

Chrsitmas ZigZag


Intended as a guide, we hope they inspire those that have booked their festive celebration with us to suggest ideas for theirs, as well as those that are looking for a photo booth this Christmas to hire as examples.

Click on the images for enlargements.

All of our design layouts can be tailored to a Christmas theme, at the time of quoting we provide a link to file displaying all our current styles.  Some of them appear in the sample images displaying on the right of this and other pages.

Ofcourse you could go further and suggest a new style all together, perhaps with only 3 photos or may be just 2? Perhaps you’d  prefer 8? Our software is very dynamic and can use 1-10 images on the layout, just as long as it will fit on a print measuring 4 inches by 6 inches we can pretty much deliver it.

One thing we are always keen on is not having our name plastered all over the print.  It’s our philosophy that it’s your event not ours, you can though, space permitting in the design add any logos or text you’d like to see, we’ll do our best to match any font too!

Bearing in mind, the date we highly recommend anyone considering booking to do so as a matter of urgency as dates are disappearing faster than santa can get down your chimney!

Checkout our Christmas Photo Booth Hire.