GreenScreen Photo Booth.

Finally last weekend we used the GreenScreen functionality within the photo booth.

What is GreenScreen?

Also referred to as ChromaKey it’s been used in the TV and film industry for many years to put people, such as weather reporters in front of different images. For instance,  a newsreader may interview someone in a studio elsewhere in the world, except he/she is really sitting in a green studio, the image that appears behind them is from a photo.

Our photobooth has had this capability for sometime however, we have been cautious about the lighting. The opportunity arose last Friday to ‘give it a spin’.

While, if we’re totally honest, it was a 95% success, it has given us a measure and opportunity to test the software in the photobooth with a view to future improvements of our lighting and how this will improve its capabilities.

Next year we hope to have a lot more news about GreenScreen, which will allow us to offer even greater creativity to your photobooth images.

In the meantime, here is a sample of last Fridays prints from Leeds University.

Green Screen Photo Booth