Green Screen Pop-Up Photography Studio and Event Photography Service

As specialist chromakey, green screen photographers, which in it’s simplest is green background photography, we have travelled the length and breadth of the UK, both for individual events and undertaking commissioned tours, venue to venue, on behalf of some of the UK’s best known companies.

Our green screen photographic studio is flexible enough for any event, venue or requirement.

Where do you want to go?


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Our Green Screen Photography service offers a fun way for your family and friends, both kids and adults to capture some photographic memories they wouldn’t normally be able.

It’s a unique experience, standing in front of our green or blue cloth and seeing themselves transformed into a fantasy or alternate reality.

Great fun at many occasions:

Bah Mitzvah’s
School Proms
College Balls
Office Parties
Themed Events
Seasonal Celebrations
and many, many more…

Offering an alternative dimension, limited only by your imagination!

For marketing
Great for customer engagement, there is nothing more awkward for many people than standing and having their photo taken. Except when it’s engaging!

They can also be used for ID or loyalty card photos, enabling additional branding or ‘step and repeat’ backgrounds.

One of the great thing about Green Screen Photography is the active involvement, more often to fit the image, of the subjects – your guests or customers. As they actively strike a suitable pose, often silly and typically with props. All of which helps to create the magical image. Which they of course get to keep as a print. Now imagine that print with your brand on – WOW!

That’s a win win too, as the more interactive the involvement and activity, the more memorable it is with the user. Just what you want as a marketing tool. Plus you know they are going to show and display the photo to other friends and family not to mention social media potential.

For reward
Green Screen Photography is a great way to reward staff or visitors.

It could be just the office party or perhaps the end of a visitor attraction, maybe you’re planning an opening or a charity event..?

How about a red carpet arrival to make your staff or visitors feel special?

Magazine covers are popular too.

Having a green screen studio available can really add to the fun and offer a nice ‘thank you’ or treat from you, that they will genuinely appreciate due to it’s personal nature. More than that though, it offers something different.

What’s more with out pop-up studio these are even be high quality portraits standard to, switching to a traditional background instead of a theme with the click of a mouse.

Green Screen Photo Booth

Whilst our photo booths are all capable of green screen shooting too, which provide a rather more instant experience, they are limited in alignment, detail and indeed production quality (due to the automation of the whole operation).
So we also have available our portable green screen pop-up studio, also known as chromakey, for fun photography. We are in fact one of the UK’s experts in this specialist system. Being manually operated, allows us to control the output far better and overcome instances where guests wear green for example.

They can be Fun, formal or fantasy.

So if you’ve ever fancied being on a magazine cover, or perhaps a walk on the moon let us take you there!

Green Screen Photography

Green Screen Photography allows us to create different backdrops using digital technology, inserted into background and/or as foreground images onto your portraits, effectively creating a 3d image albeit printed on a standard 2d format print out.

It’s an absolutely brilliant way to offer guests an alternative portrait, or perhaps enhance an already themed event. At corporate events, particularly product launches or exhibitions, allows a far greater level of engagement with fans and customers.

Use for both marketing including step and repeat backdrops, red carpet arrivals and fun entertainment.

Read a recent case study here: Green Screen


We feel there is more creative opportunities with the larger green screen backdrops used in the pop-up portable studio, than can be achieved in the limited space within the photo booths. Where more often all that’s visible is a small part of the background behind the heads. Either way though, we have the flexibility of both.

With backdrops from 1.5m wide up to 4.5m plus multiple there of, there is more than sufficient space for individuals, small or large groups.

The space available in the studio allows for even more depth and even some larger physical props.

The possibilities really are limitless!


Wherever you want to go, as far as your imagination can take you – let us take you there…. with our green screen photography pop-up studio!