We can now be found on Google +  BoothPix


The question is though have google missed a trick?

Rumour has it since a significant take up at launch, interest in google + has wavoured.

We’re all used to social media these days and for many businesses like ours it’s a phenomenal way to communicate with friends, clients and associates. Whether for social or advertising purposes.

Despite thoughts to the contrary, social media isn’t free, the time and effort involved to create even the most simple message is a direct cost and as I’m often fond of saying, “me and my time is the most expensive part of our business”!

Fortunately for most applications, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, even our own blog, there are miriad of applications available to cross post instantly from one message. NOT SO Google +!

One can only wonder why? Did they think that their system was so much better that from day one everyone would desert the long standing Facebook?

So my blog here really is to have a little dig at Google for missing the obvious from launch,  opening the API for 3rd parties to develop add-ons for their existing social media plugins. I’m confident had they done so G+ wouldn’t have stalled but continued to grow.

So come on Google, lets get it sorted ASAP.