Well as the sun sets on 2013 and we head into the final days, we look back with fondness and forward to 2014 with excitement and anticpation.

As I’m sure your all aware the majority of our trade is within the wedding industry, and on the back of the countres, indeed the worlds financial difficulties and the unlucky association if the number 13, predictions and comment throughout the industry was, not so much doom & gloom but cautious and not over optomistic.

It could not have been further from the truth, to be fair it did trickle in, but once spring had sprung, it blossomed as well as the daffodils and bluebells that also appeared.  In terms of activity, both from existing repeat and new clients it proved extremely busy.

merry christmas and happy new year from boothpix photo booth.Then while everything was running along swimmingly, along comes a big fish, a real keeper to continue the theme and unlike the preverbial angler one we in fact landed, I am ofcourse referring to our agreed association with the large American based photo booth software company Darkroom Booth, who agreed to sponsor us here in the UK, putting us in a unique position unheard of in the industry.  Naturally we were very delighted, having been extremely impressed with the software both then and even more impressed since we started using, it has quite literally helped us further improve the service we deliver to our clients.




As the summer turned to Autumn, we were invited to attend an industry conference in the Midlands for event photographers, not only to talk about and discuss the great software we were using, but the opportunity to launch our own booth design on to the market.  The interest truly blew us over, with one or two who currently operate a booth, trying to sell on, what in many cases had been a relatively new purchase,  as the simplicity and strength of our design astounded them.  Since the event at the end of October, interest has continued across the UK & indeed into Ireland with contract discussions taking place for one to Dublin.

As we head off into 2014, we do so knowing we start the year with an even greater number of advanced bookings as far ahead as 2015, a new unit imminent in which to further develop & build the booths we sell.

So we’ll take the opportunity to say thank you to friends passed, present and in the future, our best wishes to you all and here’s to an amazing 2014 for everyone, we hope it’s as exciting for you too.