Further Asked Questions

Common questions we get asked about our photo booth, hiring our photo booth or using it.

How long is the booth operating for?

Depending on the event but usually between 3 – 4 hours for a standard party or wedding reception. Shows and events may be longer. Bear in mind although the event is for this period we need set up and take down time either side.

Who operates the photo booth?

The booths are set to operate in a similar manner to those that you find in many High Streets for passports. Using a touch screen system, we find it easier to allow guests to focus on their poses and allow our staff to start the photo sequence.

Are staff onsite with the booth?

Yes, our very own “Booth Buddies” remain with the booth at all times. We know things can get hectic so we always provide 2 ‘booth buddies’ at each event. One usually assisting with guest books and other extras the other ensuring your guests can find the right prop etc.

How many can use the booth at anyone time?

Our booths are for parties. Your not looking for a passport booth, you want to go in with your friends, so that’s how we built it. This means usually around 4-5 people can be in the booth and get all the faces in the frame. We have though had larger groups of 9 or 10 – very cosy!

Is there are set number of photos during the hire period?

There is no limit during the hire period, usually in the time slot available around 120-200 guests can use the booth.

What options are available?

We have some packages available with further extras, please use the enquiry form, email or call to discuss your requirements and budget.

We quote for each specific event taking into consideration location, time and day.

Are the booths accessible?

Yes! We design some of our booths for adults, children and wheelchair users. Our booth are inclusive as far as accessibility goes.

Can we get digital copies of the photos

Yes. Due to privacy issues, we now use a system available on the day called ‘photo to phone’, this allows guests to grab their photos onto their phone or tablet during the hire period.

There is no extra charge for this but it may be a couple of days after the event before they are live.