Expert or Novice, who would you prefer for your special day?

We’re all under pressure to fit within budgets, it’s natural we all only have a specific amount of money to spend on any activity or product, unless you’re one of the lucky few to win the lottery. So quite often decisions are made on the balance of cost vs need vs want, which is fair enough.

You’ve made the decision, you’re going to have it, but which one, there are hundreds to choose from.

Our advice is find the expert! Sadly they may charge a bit more.

It applies equally to our industry photo booths. They are the latest ‘get rich quick’ scheme, except they’re not. What tends to happen is people see it once at a party – oh that looks easy and fun… how hard can it be?

Well if yo could read the industry forums, the basic errors that occur daily, the sheer failure of those having the nerve to charge you (even a discounted rate) for the service with zero knowledge or experience, you’d quickly appreciate why I’m posing the question. There is no issue with competition, competition is fine, but as professionals we expect the competition to be competent at the very least. It’s also true that there are many who see it once at a party, looks like fun, join the business and do a brilliant job getting stuck in. Following the 80/20 rule, of those that start only 20% will thrive.

Back to the expert or novice, which would you rather engage for your special day, the starter, plugs it in and turns it on or the company the starter phones, email, messages when it goes wrong and they have no idea?

Welcome to BoothPix, the company run by the expert others call, email or message.

When it comes to Photo Booth Hire – for you’re special day – you know who to contact!