Relaxed Fun Customer Engagement with a photo booth!

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One of the many benefits of using photo booths within the corporate environment is a topic we refer to and mention regularly and even discussed on many occasions. They are probably (in their various guises) on of the best tools to connect with customers in a non ‘sales’ fashion.

It’s not surprising they are extremely popular at large events and exhibitions, but they also work extremely well at smaller more intimate events too.

OK, true ultimately it’s all about sales, but finding a solution that rewards, entertains, engages and has your customers remember you & your products is difficult. This is where photo booths excel!

And so recently we were hired by the national garden centre chain, Dobbies, to provide a photo booth at a Ladies Evening feature they hold annually in their Carlisle store. Essentially an evening of late night shopping, especially focused on the run up to Christmas.

The emphasis being a relaxed evening of shopping, with ladies armed with credit cards, minus the men folk, (as we all know it’s not a past-time that men particularly relish), generally with a theme and supported charity. An opportunity to buy products often with an event specific discount attached.

Dotted around the store at various locations was one form or other of entertainment – musicians, magicians, a santa and indeed our photo booth.

As always and if we’re being honest as expected, the photo booth proved the centre of attention. It’s basically demographically neutral, meaning that it matters not the age, sex, background or status of an individual, they can and all do enjoy using them. Throw in a few themed or even random props…

The real benefit though is to the store itself, for whilst the customers appreciate the musician, were entertained by the magician, enjoyed a small glass of vino, the real memory was created in the photo booth. Each visitor to the photo booth taking away with them, a themed print complete with client logo and name. We know that print won’t stop there, they will show it off to friends, many more will grab the download file available and share with their friends.

They option to email it to themselves during the event is available too should this be of interest.

Perfect PR and perfect online marketing.

So what we end up with a bit of fun where your customers are actually involved in the event rather than just browsing and shopping, making the whole experience more engaging. And whilst the rest of the entertainment great fun and very appreciated, it’s the snap from the booth that they’ll take home and remember.

Clearly photo booths can prove a great way for any business no matter how large or small, local or national to grab attention, let their customers have some fun and take home a print that will be more than the usual trinkets or giveaways.

Very important from us too, is that our prints do not carry our branding – they do once they are online in our own gallery as seen on the image above, but on the day, during the booking, any booking – they only carry the specific event information and hirer logos.

christmas photo booth