How to create a photo booth template?

One of the questions we get asked about a lot from new entrants to the photo booth world is how to take a client sketch and turn it into a photo booth template for their event.

First of all you going to need a graphic editing package, we prefer photoshop, there are others such as GIMP, and some basic understanding of that platform.

The second part is a basic understanding of Breeze Systems Software, PSRemote, NKRemote, DSLRPro or Webcam, they all more or less work in a similar fashion.

And whilst it would be possible to offer a step-by-step guide on here, as with most things that involve actions, it’s far better explained in a video. So for those who have asked and those who are curios or those considering this software, I’ve put together a couple short videos. Breaking down the process into two parts, the first part explaining the way I create overlays in photoshop, there are other methods, and the second video explains how to take that design and program the booth software accordingly.

I hope you find these ‘How to create a photo booth layout template’ videos useful.

Part 1 – The design in photoshop

Part 2 – The set up in the photo booth software.