Corporate clients not only can you entertain your customers or staff but you get great publicity material they’re bound to look at, think about it, all those attending your event get a memento, with your name on, and chances are they’re not only going to show their friends but place the photo somewhere where it’s highly visible for some time. Imagine every time someone opens their fridge and your name and logo’s there!

I was reading the other day an editorial piece about a large corporate exhibition at one of the major venues. As with all such exhibitions there was a cross section of trade stands from large multi nationals to small independents.

Not surprisingly the small independents found themselves towards the rear of the venue away from the crowds. Except for one, this particular company had a small stand but boy was it busy – because they had a photo booth, and whilst the crowd waited for their turn the company had a captive audience with which they could engage in a low key sell.

Photo booths really do create a buzz and they are more than pieces of entertainment at parties, they can help your company promote a product or service.

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