With so many operators offering photo booths for parties, it can be difficult to understand the difference, particularly if there appears to be a large discrepancy in pricing.

Firstly, one or two photographers offer what they refer to as a photo booth but in reality is nothing more than a backdrop portable studio. Sure there is nothing wrong with the photos they take but there is certainly no “booth” element to this service. As there are no curtains around the subjects, they tend to not let their hair down unless of course they are extremely extrovert in the first place. We doubt all your guests are.

There are one or two operators using low quality web cameras or are using digital compacts with a built in flash. What’s the point you may as well as your guests to take the pictures for you.

Lets be honest, this isn’t something your going to need regularly, so when looking to hire a photo booth for your special occasion or event, firstly make sure it is a “booth” – that is with sides be they hard or soft, behind which your guests can hide and pose as they wish. Secondly make sure you hire a professional company, that uses professional cameras, lighting & printer. After all what’s the point of getting a print, spilling beer over it and having it run & streak.

Finally one other point to consider and it is quite important. Sadly most of us aren’t as small as we were in our teens when several of us could squeeze into the passport booth at Woolworths. Chances are you and your guests are going to want to have the photo taken as part of a group. So make sure when you book the booth that it can accommodate at least 5-6 people. If you want a passport pop down to the supermarket, if your having a party – hire a party photo booth, like ours!

Remember the people behind BoothPix have over 30 years photography experience. Our photo booth has been designed to take studio quality photographs, as entertainment.