Photo Booth Franchise Licence

Would you like a photo booth franchise license opportunity?


photo booth franchise

We’re expanding and looking for owner operators around the UK, Ireland and other parts of Europe. Operating under the fantastic BoothPix brand as a licensed photo booth franchise operator!

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So if your looking for a photo booth franchise license opportunity, you should be talking to BoothPix the only company with the international reputation to be ‘head hunted’ by industry software vendors to represent them.

Ever thought about having your own photo booth business?

Maybe you have but not sure where to start?

It’s a daunting task setting up any business, there are many considerations, it’s even more daunting when there’s technology involved!

Photo Booth Franchise Licence from the experts, with the ethical approach.

Professional, Honest, Integrity No Spin, No Flannel, No Fiction, No Sales Babble!

Unique Areas: One thing we won’t do is sell a franchise then immediately sell a booth to the neighbour next door. Maybe a slight exaggeration but all to often close enough to reality, whilst we can’t stop other operators and vendors from doing the same, we won’t.

BoothPix are one of the original operators of photo booths in the UK, and founders of the industry. Many make that claim, many indeed offering their own franchise package do so, usually though, they weren’t even thinking about it when we started out, let alone actually operating. Over the years we’ve gained a reputation for our expertise, not just in the UK either, we are the only photo booth company to be sponsored by one of the industries biggest software companies, they asked us based on this track record.

More than that though, we are often a first port of call for help and assistance from new and established operators around the world, who are also familiar with our track record for honesty, integrity and professionalism. We spend 40% of our time helping other photo boothers overcome difficulties who’ve bought a booth or franchise elsewhere.

In short your in safe hands, with industry leaders!

Why elect to operate under license as opposed to a franchise?

Lets first explain the difference between a franchise and a license,  typically with a franchise your tightly restricted on how you operate, where you purchase supplies from, perhaps ongoing fees for every transaction you make, there maybe monthly fees and other regular costs too.

You may also find yourself trading against someone who’s bought exactly the same equipment as you from exactly the same supplier, but operating direct under their own name, who can, due to lower ongoing costs undercut you at every opportunity and operate with greater flexibility.

In contrast, our license, for a small annual fee over and above the purchase of the booth, allows you to operate under our brand name, knowing you’ve joined a respected company and gaining instant kudos with potential hirers, but more importantly, the comfort of shared resources, without hefty financial penalties. As we are extremely selective on who can purchase one of our booths, you know any tips and assistance will go direct to our license holders and isn’t diluted down.  

Our website gains hits right across the country and we have to turn away many enquiries that are just to far to reach from our current base or portfolio of booths. Wouldn’t you love to be getting these leads?

So with access to experienced professionals, willing and eager to be help you technically and operationally in making your business a success, you can be confident you are in safe hands.

Call 01228 808397 and speak to Jon Sharp today to see how BoothPix can genuinely give you market advantage and expertise to really get your business working.