Birthday Photo Booth Hire

Birthday Photo Booth Hire.

Sometimes they’re ordinary, sometimes they’re special and sometimes they are extra special. For a few they are absolutely huge and our congratulations to them. So whether you’re 5 or a 105, we know you’ll have fun in with BoothPix!

So should you be fortunate to be celebrating a birthday, why not celebrate in real style with a BoothPix Photo Booth



This is one event in our lives we can’t escape from, and better still – they happen every year!

Let your guests go crazy and give them and you something to remember. Especially if your marking a significant ‘vintage’, be it 10 or a 100, by including an album too!

That way your lovely guests can leave you plenty of silly comments to remind you just how old you are or just how silly you looked!

Something the birthday photo booth always manages to achieve is to capture the ‘real spirit’ of the occasion, there is something magical that happens the moment, even the most timid, step behind the curtain, even more so, when disguised in props.

We can, should you desire, adapt the booth and the props we bring to suit a particular theme too.  Our booths are also configured for green screen (chromakey), so we can digitally take you and your guests to any fantasy environment you’d like.

So email or call BoothPix today to book your Birthday Photo Booth!