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Support, Support & Support!

There is plenty of photo booth manufacturers, doing photo booth sales, both in the UK and abroad! There are plenty with slick websites, sales patter and ‘quick solutions’! Which is great – for them selling!

We like to think, no we’re certain in fact, our approach is different. Photo booth sales isn’t about quick sales or moving boxes, it’s an investment in a business. So whilst our products look great, they are only as good as the user operating and the business structure behind it, lets face it they are not intended to be just sat in the corner gathering dust. Neither do you want to spend ours trying to fathom overly complicated or ineffective software.

We build real world solutions for real world activations. Simple, efficient and strong. If you take our advice and also go for Darkroom Booth Software, we believe the best available in the industry, then we will work with you to understand that application too. We do after all also run the Facebook User Group, also supported by Darkroom staff. So not only will you quickly grasp the basics, we’re there for the more complex settings too.

What we don’t want is to sell snow to Eskimos or oil to Arabs, it’s frustrating as an industry to see excited, enthusiastic people buy a photo booth ‘box’ and then struggle to get it working, with one of two results they get frustrated and give up, or worse leave clients with bad photos, then get frustrated and give up. It doesn’t have to be like that!

Also just as important is the friendly voice on the end of the phone, contact via email or chat on social media on a range of topics not just technical. It’s in our interest to see your Photo Booth Business take off.

So you can choose Sales, sales, sales or support, support & support.

Custom Photo Booths also manufactured to order.

There are few opportunities that come along, that enable you to earn a living whilst helping and watching people have a really good time.

buy a photo booth

In our Adaptable system, the real innovations aren’t immediately obvious!

Our booths are high tech, high spec and highly durable, designed to deliver.

  • Planning

    As we manufacture to order, some customisation is available. We’re happy to discuss this with you at time of order.
  • Design

    Designed for the real world, based on years of industry operating experience.
  • Development

    Development is continuous, we are constantly looking at ways to make them simpler, stronger & faster with new ideas in development.

We’ve done our best to simplify the build to reduce the number of parts and the time taken to erect on site. To achieve this we’ve used a special catch mechanism that simply click together on the upright sections. With built in brackets for lights & cameras that neatly fold away in transit. No tools, just efficient simplicity.

As manufacturers, the flexibility of our booth enables it to be used in a variety of guises from just one package, our clever design enables it to switch from being a seated booth to a standing booth or even operate as a open ‘selfie station’ kiosk design. No other booth on the market currently gives this flexibility and all possible in a few minutes, using our unique connection system.

Buying a photo booth from BoothPix isn’t just a case of buying one of the most innovative, simplest booth frames available.  Whether you choose to become part of the BoothPix Group or operate under your own brand, we have the system and industry expertise to guide you.

Great support, great advice, great products. What more could you ask for?

How about ethical sales?

Long term static lease or custom designs also available.

So get in touch today to find out more and for latest prices. Call or use the quick message box below.

Photo Booth Sales from industry experts.

Photo booth sales
Photo booths and accessories are sold under our add-on brand BoothBits.