Caricature Photo Booth Fun

Fancy a Caricature Photo Booth Event?



Following a short sequence of photos in our photo booth or mini studio, our team will then transform you into a caricature of yourself, quickly printed instantly onsite. You can even watch as your transformation takes place before your very eyes.

A great twist on both traditional caricature and the increased interest in photo booths at parties and events.

Whilst there is no doubt our traditional photo booths and event studios provide great photos, fun and entertainment for many events and their popularity continues to grow year on year. There are occasions when just having something that little different can make all the, well difference.

That’s why we’ve developer the Caricature Photo Booth!

Previously we’ve offered one or two events cartoon character images, created from one of the photo booth images taken during an event, typically the hirers. The down side to this being there isn’t always a suitable photo so many of the adjustments – well just don’t look right. By creating the photos deliberately with this in mind, our team can help guests & suggest poses etc to improve the initial portrait. From which our photoshop expert onsite can create the elaborate caricatures.